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About Us | Amarillo Candle Company
Amarillo Candle Company is family-owned and operated.

Our focus is to provide products of the highest quality and unbeatable customer service. We are dedicated to creating candles that exceed customer expectations. In addition, we strive to make every buying experience unique. We use waxes and fragrances of unmatched quality. We do not cut any corners on our wicking and pouring techniques in order to ensure the best burning experience for every candle.

Our candles can be poured into any container. Customers have the opportunity to provide containers that have special meaning. We also have a wide variety of containers available in our store. The ability to choose your container and fragrance which makes each candle purchase unique. Custom pours give us the opportunity to ensure the most unique candle buying experience possible.

For customers that are short on time, we do offer a variety of pre-poured candles for purchase. At Amarillo Candle Company, every customer will leave knowing they received personalized attention and an excellent product at an excellent price.

When we created Amarillo Candle Company, we vowed to give our customers the finest candle possible. Through the process of trial and error, we have pinpointed the best type of wax. We have discovered the best wick-size to ensure the most efficient burning experience. We have uncovered the perfect ratio of wax to scent. Combined we have perfected the science of candle making.

At Amarillo Candle Company, we only use soy wax for our candles. Paraffin wax and soy wax are common candle products, but they have great differences. Soy wax is vegetable based from soybeans. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, which is a refined petroleum product. What this ultimately means is that due to being soy, our wax is 100% biodegradable.

In fact, all of our products are environmentally friendly. Soy wax burns clean. Paraffin produces a petrol carbon soot that contaminates your breathing air with harmful carcinogens. Soy wax is also softer than paraffin wax. This allows soy wax to burn at a much lower temperature. This soft wax also gives our candles longevity. If spilled, soy wax wipes up effortlessly with soap and water. The hard scrubbing required to clean paraffin wax is not necessary with soy wax.

Amarillo Candle Company is locally owned and operated by people who care. We assure you that each and every candle is of the highest quality. Our candles will be delivered to you in a timely manner.