Surprise Bath Bombs

Amarillo Candle Company

What could make a bath bomb from Amarillo Candle Company even better? A surprise hidden inside!

Amarillo Candle Company offers unique bath bombs that are a magical experience for your bath. Our bath bombs can soothe and soften your skin. The scents they release can invigorate or relax. Every time you use a bath bomb from us, you bring a bit of the spa into your home.

Amarillo Candle Company utilizes all natural ingredients to create and press unique bath bombs. Our large selection offers a wide variety of colors and scents to meet every need you might have. With the addition of special surprises, we can make your favorite bath bomb even better! Our surprise bath bombs slowly fizz away in the tub to reveal amazing and unique hidden treats. In addition to offering amazing scents and softer skin, surprise bath bombs just make you happy by uncovering a special gift. 

Surprise bath bombs make a perfect gift for anyone. They are safe for all ages due to the all natural ingredients. In addition to calming frayed nerves or boosting your energy, surprise bath bombs will treat you to something special. Surprises can be hidden according to your favorite color or scent, giving you a wide range of options.
For the ultimate gift, pair a surprise bath bomb with a custom poured candle. Add a sugar scrub, too. You will be giving the gift of a home spa plus a little extra treat. Your gift can be built around the perfect combination of scents and colors. Each item we offer is as unique as the buyer. At Amarillo Candle Company, our focus is creating personalized gifts combined with exemplary customer service. We want you to get the most for your time and money. Visit us today to find the perfect surprise bath bomb. 

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