Melt Tabs

Amarillo Candle Company

Amarillo Candle Company specializes in creating one of a kind candles. However, for those looking to get the benefits and smells of a candle without the flame, we offer high quality melt tabs for your electric wax warmers. Like our candles, our melt tabs are made from all natural soy wax. We have a wide variety of signature scents and colors that are perfect for any occasion. Amarillo Candle Company's melt tabs come in a pack of six hand-poured tabs.

Our melt tabs can be used in any candle warmer. You can even mix and match our wide variety of melt tabs to create a unique fragrances. Adding our melt tabs to your warmer allows immediate fragrances to fill your home. You can always be prepared for those “drop-in” visits. Or you can invite all of your friends to come over and enjoy your signature combination of fragrant melt tabs. Our melt tabs have got you covered!  

Amarillo Candle Company makes melt tabs for your warmers that can quickly release abundant scent throws anywhere in your home. Each melt tab purchase contains six hand-made 1”x1” melt tab cubes. Our soy wax tabs are compatible and melt perfectly in any electric warmer. To use, simply break off one or two melt tabs and place in your warmer. Mix and match your melt tabs to create a perfect blend all your own!

Amarillo Candle Company melt tabs provide hours of fragrance that begins almost immediately. We also offer jumbo melt tabs. These larger tabs are perfect to keep your house fragrant and fresh smelling all day. We know value and quality are important for our customers. We have created melt tabs that offer consistent scents for as long as possible. For warm and inviting scents made of the highest quality ingredients, visit Amarillo Candle Company today. 

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