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At Amarillo Candle Company, we know you are busy. In this day and age people are constantly on the go. There’s work, children, pets, and meal prep. Everything adds a wide variety of unique smells to your home. We understand the value of your time and know that everything doesn’t always get done. It’s ok. We can help you keep your house smelling fresh and clean, even on those days when it might be less than perfect. Don’t let those busy life smells overwhelm you. When time runs out and you don’t have time to deep clean your home, we can make it smell like you do. Let Amarillo Candle Company help you get that freshly cleaned smell. 

Don’t waste your money on chemical based room sprays that have no lasting power. You need a room spray that will linger to keep those pesky odors from returning. Amarillo Candle Company sells room sprays in 150 scents. Our fragrances are designed to eliminate odors and quickly fill the room with freshness. With just one or two spritzes, our room sprays will outlast any odors in your room. With a quick spray, you can have your home or office smelling fantastic again. 

Amarillo Candle Company room sprays can instantly freshen any room in your home, office, or space without the harsh chemical smell. You can add a personalized scent to your space by choosing from our selection of 150 unique scents. Just mist the air with a burst or two of room spray. Our spray offers a scent that lasts and won’t disappoint you by disappearing too quickly. To ensure long life and happy smells in your home or office, we offer our room spray in a large eight ounce bottle.
Visit Amarillo Candle Company today. We can help you find the scent or scents that are perfect for your home or office spaces. We want to help you make and keep your spaces inviting and refreshing for your everyday life. 

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