Scent Drops

Amarillo Candle Company

Amarillo Candle Company offers a variety of long-lasting products to keep your home, office, and car smelling fresh. We understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to freshening the air in your space. A spray may not be your favorite choice. For some, candles might not be an option either. We can help you. Our scent drops can introduce clean and inviting scents into your spaces without candles or sprays.
Amarillo Candle Company's scent drops offer a wide range of options. The  concentrated scent oils can be added to unscented melt tabs. Our unscented melt tabs are created using soy wax. They hold the scents well and allow you more fragrance options. Combined in any electric candle warmer, the scent drops can quickly fill your home with invigorating and unique scents. One bottle of our scent drops is equivalent to four or five packages of melt tabs.  

Amarillo Candle Company also offers special scent drops for your car. We provide you with a hanging leather cut out when you purchase a 15mL bottle of fragrance oil. To activate the scent in your car, first lay the leather cut out on a hard surface. The rough side should be facing. Do not lay your cutout on plastic cloth or leather. Next, soak the cutout for one to two hours with your fragrance oil. Be sure not to over-saturate the leather cutout. Avoid direct contact of the scent drops with your skin. Finally, hang the cutout from your rear view mirror. As the scent fades, simply repeat the steps to refresh your scent! 

Scent drops are just another way Amarillo Candle Company works to get you the highest quality product with the ultimate customer service. We want to meet every need you have when it comes to introducing fragrances into your personal spaces. Help us find what works best for you.

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